13 Internet Marketing Strategies to Help You Get More from Your Website

Marketing Tips to Grow a Business by Joyce Oladipo

1. Find the right idea from your website

What is it that you are offering, does is has the potential of making money?

Do you have a competitive advantage of some sort?

Are you passionate about what you want to do?

What is it that interests you?

You need to be able to answer positively before you start creating a website. After you have clarified this, go to Godaddy.com and register a branded domain name for your website. Remember your domain is the face of your business and has huge implications when in comes to branding, site usability and search engine optimizations.

What do you like to do, is there anyone interested in what you have to offer?

Is there a need out there for what you have to offer and are you passionate about it?

2. Create an email list

After you’ve created your website, start building your email list. Aweber has a really good autoresponding service. Get visitors to sign up by giving them an incentive. Try building relationship with those that have subscribed. Be active in communicating with them. Create a blog and engage users through social media like facebook and twitter. It’s also interesting to create keyword alerts using Google alerts so that you know what people are saying about you.

3. Think about SEO when creating you site

When creating your website makes sure you take note of SEO. There is nothing worse than having your website redone. Flashed based website is horrible for SEO. Keep SEO in mind before, during and after your website has been designed. Resister your domain name for longer period. Search engine give preference to site that has domain names registered for longer period. Spammers never register their domain for long because they know they will get banned so the site is useless.

4. Start blogging

Now a day there are thousands of blogs created every single day and they cover a variety of topics. Blogs are incredibly popular now and that’s because them are extremely easy to use and set up. You can use your blog to supple fresh content to your audience and this is great for the search engine. A blog is a great tool for your business. You can use it to connect with your clients; you can also use it to sell your products and services. Either way a blog is the perfect launching pad to blast off your business.

Use excerpts to show your post. Excerpt allows readers to see more topics and only click thought to the post that interest them. I conducted a few test comparing the two and I found that showing excepts got me better results. Get feed burner, it tells you where your subscribers are coming from and which items they’re reading and clicking on. It also tells you how much your readership is increasing over time. When you’ve got a good number of readerships you can proudly display your subscribers count. Optimize your blog for SEO.

5. Create fresh content on a regular basis

A blog is only as good as its content. There are thousand of blog that are created everyday, but only a few survive past a few weeks. You need to create posts that are interesting and provide value to real people. Come up with a content development strategy. Ideas of post comes randomly – on the train, in the shower, at the gym, or while eating lunch. Always have a pen on you all the time so that you can write you ideas down. Blogging is about building relationships and gaining their attention and trust. To get your post noticed your headline needs to grab the reader’s attention and describes the main point of the content at the same time. Content ideas might include doing an interview with an industry expert, review a product, create podcast or video, you can also get readers feedback though your blog too.

6. Promote your website

You can write an amazing article about a topic and nobody is reading it. Your blog should allow you to communicate and connect with other people interested in your topic. Maximize the comments you are getting on your blog. Ask questions at the end of each post, ask people to comment with their feedback. Start commenting on other people’s blog. Use your really name when making comments. Get the attention of the owner of the blog. Make contact with other bloggers both online or offline. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with prominent blights.

7. Practice Beat Practice

Create a privacy policy and link it to every page. Use the privacy policy generator to create your own.  Have a contact page created. Use an online form where your visitors can fill out their information and get in touch with you with their request. Have an about me page created. It should include your picture so that potential linkers can be assured that you are a credible site worth linking too. Make sure you take note of your content. People are more likely to link to professional articles that ones with grammatical and spelling errors.

8. Guest post

To get more traffic to your site, you need to start guest posting. It’s the most effective way to build exposure for yourself and for your business when you are first starting out. You will reach new audience, gain valuable links, and develop key relationship with other bloggers n your niche.

9.  Ask Question and establish yourself as an expert

You can start asking questions on Q/A type sites like Yahoo Answers, Google Groups, Wikianswers, and AllExperts. Become active on these sites and provide value where you can.

10. Write a review on Amazon for all the book you’ve read Your Industry

I’ve noticed that Amazon product pages receive a lot of visit everyday and the reviews are read by thousand of people interested in learning about a particular topic. Start writing review for all the books you’ve read in your industry and leave a signature link to your URL (Joyce Oladipo- Creator of JoyceOladipo.com). This can help you gain targeted traffic and secondary links to your site. You can also create a products list on Amazon that mentions your URL in the author’s bio section.

11. Go Local

Host a meet up related to your topic. Meetup.com is a great site where you can find interested groups related to your topic. You can find one in your area or start one. In-person relationship can easily turn into online linking relationship. Get connected to local media personalities and establish yourself as an expert in your industry. This will make you the primary contact if they need more information and you’ll get a lot of exposure. Also try updating your company information on local search engine. Many of the big companies I know are big on social media. For example you can create facebook ads targeted to people who live in your area. You can also search for users living in your area. Another good idea of attracting people local is by optimizing the title on your page to include where you are locally.  Instead of having “Financial Agency” use something like “Financial Agency based in Luxembourg”. Use keywords research too like Google Adwords Keywords Tool to find out which Keywords get the most search frequency and optimize accordingly.

12. Social Media is the Key

Get register on the top social media site that is relevant to your business. Unless you are living in space you should have heard of Twitter, a micro-blogging service that allows you to create short message to reach your follower. Twitter has now become an important method of communication. You can provide valuable dropping of your links. Facebook is also about great micro-blogging that I love too. Try creating a fan page for your business on facebook.

13. Go Guerrilla marketing

Here is a great marketing strategy to market your business if you are starting on a low budget. Create T-shirts for your site and give them away every time you can. Give out bumper stickers for your website. It’s worth the cost even if only a few people stick it on their car, bathroom stalls, or poles. Try going around schools and public places related to your site and stick flyers on the wall and bulletin board.  Always be prepared to hand out business cards or leave them lying around. You never know who will pick them up and take a look at what you have to offer and if you are really hard core tattoo your URL on a highly visible part of your body.

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Please, leave comments. I would love to here what you have to say about these strategies. Do you have some interesting strategies at all?

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  1. Thanks for being the first one to comment on my post. I really appreciate it.

    Affiliate marketing is definitely a great way to get from your site. Especially of you don’t have any product at all and you want to make some money fast. Building an audience is preference for me and that what this post was about.

    When I’ve built a relationship with my audience then I can think about making money with affiliate.

    How do I get into affliate marketing?

  2. Good article. I teach small business startup seminars for the UW-Madison Small Business Development Center and love the 13 Tips! I’d like to incorporate them into my next class. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Thanks for the article! Great piece. I’ve found that currently video is one of the best means for a small business to promote themselves. Often it is quicker to create than a lot of written content and the still-emerging marketing opportunities on YouTube and others are a fraction of the price of marketing through other PPC avenues.

    Thanks again for the post, Joyce!

  4. Good to know that you are also successfully doing seminars in Madison. These are great tips to help us get noticed online. Especially the Amazon tip, it has worked for me and I’ve managed to get my site noticed with this one tip. Try it out.

  5. I’m getting into video myself. I’ve just started recording video last week. I a little bit camera shy but am hoping to get over it pretty soon. I agree it makes creating blog content easier and quicker.

  6. Backlink building is really a time eating and detailed procedure that it’s only natural people try to find tools and techniques to increase their time.

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